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Entrusted Import-Export ServiceEntrusted Import-Export Service

Why we should use the entrusted import-export service? It’s the question that we often hear, that is the problem of many individuals and businesses when they do not have the function of importing and exporting business goods.

SCF company’s entrusted import-export service helps customers have an above-board input (full of documents and invoices) with affordable prices which is favourable for their development and business process.

- Machinery, equipment, materials, etc for industry.

- Agricultural products, seafood, food, consumer product, scrap (rag, PET plastic, PP), fruit, polypropylene EVA, PP, PE, PET, rubber,etc

These are strong export items that SCF can have the best and fastest service.

As long as you create a request for kinds of goods, we will respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Consulting customs procedures with the support from the company’s dynamic and experienced staff.

Customs procedures for tax exemption, reduction, especially tax exemption for foreign-invested companies.

In Entrusted Import-Export Service, we perform:

- Advise customers in sourcing, negotiating, signing contracts with the right conditions and best prices.

- Processing, manufacturing seafood and agricultural products that meet HACCP, ISO, HALLA, BRC, Code into China, Canada, USA, Japan, Korea, etc

- Supporting to create Health Certificate.

- Supporting to create Certificate Of Origin, etc

- Supervising to follow the incoming and outgoing goods during the export process.

- Preparing documents and doing customs according to regulations.

- Applying for a permit of documents which is depended on each product due to regulations.

- Doing register, quality checked and inspection.

- Booking, renting container, booking cargo ship, creating Bill of Lading of export products.

- Buying insurance to prevent risks during the export process.

- Consultant to determine the price for customs declaration, calculating exactly all kind of taxes which must be paid.

Vietnam SCF Import-Export Company has many years of experience in foreign trade and international trade with a team of highly qualified professionals to help the process of exporting and importing goods of customers be carried out quickly. When customers use the Entrusted Import-Export Service, SCF will be the representative on all customs documents in merchandise trade as well as handling all of problems arising from your product shipment.

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If you want to export and import goods and choose a reputable import and export service provider in Vietnam, please contact Hotline/ Zalo/ WhatsApp: +84 902532357 (Mr.Liem) for a quick consultation!

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